Commodities Brokerage & Trading Solution:
innovation is in our DNA
The Deepcore is a company which provides brokerage of commodities with a specialisation in Sugar & Soybeans. We also offer digital solutions which focuses on helping traders. Our main goal is helping pure commodities players by developing tools for tomorrow’s markets.

What we do

The Deepcore focuses on 3 main points in the trading of commodities
Physical brokerage of sugar and soybeans worldwide
Development of commodities trading platforms
Quantitative Research
Technology and Physical Commodities Trading
We bring technologies to physical commodities trading
We are a leading brokerage house of physical commodities, with a strong reputation in Sugar and Soybeans. First movers in the digital in our markets, we quickly realized the power of online platforms. Thanks to our success, we decided to bring custom digital solutions to commodity market participants to increase their efficiency and profitability.



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