few Words About
THE Deepcore
The Deepcore Is the gathering of a physical commodities broker and a web development team , joining their skills in order to deliver to the Commodities markets the best trading experience possible. From the price discovery to the trade itself, our objective is to make the trading process in phase with the digital era.
Sugar physical brokerage in the world market, our DNA

Located in Paris next to the Eiffel Tower, we are providing liquidity and efficiency in the world sugar market, whites and raws. Our constant goal is to optimize all the process for our clients in order to allow them to trade their cash sugar positions as quick and safe as possible. We are currently covering Thai, Indian, European and Brazilian markets.

The Deepcore is an independent brokerage house with no participation and/or conflict of interests with its clients.

We design intelligent trading solution for cash commodities market that evolves as the markets are changing through time

Commodities Digital solutions

The Deepcore development team has an extensive track record in delivering solutions to help market players thrive in a challenging and changing business environment.

Our Core-In generic platform allows participants of any commodities market to trade and manage their positions in a centralized environment at just the click of a button. Greater liquidity, better information sharing, feedback and efficiency.

Built up with the experience and knowledge of a highly skilled development team and cash commodities traders, Core-In can be developed to fit the needs of any markets, as a trading tool or a brokerage tool. You are handling a supply role, a purchaser role, a pure trader? Whatever your position, the DeepCore acts as a CTO for your company and can guide you through all the process to launch your tailor made system.

By combining our expertise in both commodities market and Web platform development, we have built the perfect solution, resulting in the development of the next generation of commodities trading. This innovative solution is dedicated to sophisticated traders, brokers and agents willing to increase their efficiency, liquidity and seize market opportunities.

Get in touch with us and let us know what your needs are, we will bring you the solution.
Artificial Intelligence Development

At The Deepcore, we always believed that the future of the financial markets will include a dominant part of quantitative mathematics. That’s why we are developing different types of Artificial Intelligence models to follow the correlation between the fundamental data of commodities markets and their impact on the futures & options. We are betting on the fact that using quantitative models to take financial decision is much less risky than humans to some extent.