The Deepcore is the association of physical commodities brokers and a web development team. The objective of this collaboration is to offer our clients the best trading experience. From price discovering to trading, our ambition is to modernize, thanks to our innovations, the old school trading process and make it match with our era of digitalisation.


Located in Paris on the Champs Elysées, we provide liquidity and efficiency in the sugar markets worldwide with more than 2 Million tons per year. Our goal is to optimize every aspect of the trading process to allow commodity Players to trade their cash positions in sugar as quick and as safely as possible.

The Deepcore has a unique position in the sugar market. We are one of the only brokerage houses with so many varieties of sugar available.
"We can source any quality of sugar from the East side to the West side of India while helping you swap your Thai raws bulk position."

At the same time, we can update 200+ sugar traders to find you something very niche. All this is possible thanks to our Sugar Trading platform


Located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, near the trading house offices, The Deepcore’s broker desk is managed by former, experienced soybeans traders , looking to bring their knowledge and a tailor-made service to our clients.

Brazil is one of the main producers and exporter of soybeans worldwide. The market is mature and well developed where our clients operate. The Deepcore’s soybeans brokers have experience managing and dealing with the huge flow of information and commodities which drives this market. Our soybean brokers are ready to meet all your expectations and demands.

We are currently covering the Brazilian soybean markets from origin to destination starting with the Paranagua paper as it is the most liquid beans parcels market where the trading houses operates. We also cover The Brazilian FOB full cargoes and all the Brazilian shipping ports; The Chinese CnF full cargoes, covering all of China’s main discharge ports.

We design intelligent trading solution for cash commodities market which evolves as the markets are changing through time

The Deepcore is an independent brokerage house with no participation and/or conflict of interests with its clients.


Digital Trading Platform

The Deepcore development team has an extensive track record in delivering Trading/broker softwares to help market players thrive in a challenging and dynamic business environment.

Our innovative platforms allows our clients in any commodities market to trade and manage their positions in a centralized environment. Our solutions provides greater liquidity, better information sharing, feedback and efficiency in just a few clicks.

Created with the experience and knowledge of a highly skilled development team and cash commodities traders, our softwares can be accommodated to fit the needs of any markets in any commodities, as a trading tool or a brokerage tool.

You have a supply role, a purchaser role or you are a pure trader? Those digital solutions can help you whatever your position is. Our team will act as a CTO for your company and can guide you through all the process to launch your own tailor-made platform.

By combining our expertise in both commodities market and Web platform development, we have built many solutions resulting in the development of the next generation of commodities trading. Those innovative solutions are dedicated to sophisticated traders, brokers and agents willing to increase their efficiency, liquidity and seize market opportunities.

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At The Deepcore, we always believed that the future of the financial markets will include quantitative mathematics with Big data. That is why we are developed Data subscriptions to help Traders to build quantitative models around different types of Artificial Intelligence to follow the correlation between the fundamental data of commodities markets and their impact on the futures & options. We bet on the fact that using quantitative models to take financial decision is much less risky than humans to some extent.

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