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    How come it is so difficult to get FOB sugar prices worldwide, and how can you get them?

    FOB values for sugar are negotiated between big trading houses, not easy to get by nature. Even some information/analysis companies are trying to report them, but with much less accuracy than us as they are not involved in any of the trades. Deepcore is a major Sugar brokerage company in this intertrade market, it is our role to know those values, and actually even to “make” them with Traders.

    Is there a minimum period of data subscription required?

    No, you can try our services for 1 month only if you want.

    Besides a physical sugar prices database, do you have other types of data you can provide?

    Yes, we have other types of data sets for both sugar and soybeans that we can provide to fit the needs of our clients.

    Can I download the data from your website?

    Yes absolutely, the subscription allows you to download the database at any time. We are also developing an API to connect directly to your spreadsheets.

    Are you working with Hedge funds, or only sugar merchants and industrials?

    We are working with all kinds of structures interested in sugar data, and we already have many commodities hedge funds in our clients.

    What sort of commodities platforms can you develop?

    We have developed a strong experience and knowledge about physical trading through platforms over the last few years. Thanks to many different digital projects we have already achieved, either with small trading houses or large ABCDs, we are able to offer to any commodities merchant/broker/industrial software which would fit your needs. As it would be developed only for you, the platform becomes an asset for your company. From cash position to execution dashboard, let us know the frictions which reduce your business efficiency and we will work for hand in hand to come up with solutions.

    Where is based your development team?

    100% of our digital team is based in France and speaks French, English, Hindi & Portuguese. By developing your software or digital tools with Deepcore, you have the guarantee that the company has a local presence in Europe with serious existence and no risk of disappearing during your projects.

    Do you propose CTRM/ERP platform on a SAAS/subscription basis?

    Yes, we do have the possibility to propose to some commodities company some existing platforms on a subscription basis which reduces by 90% the down payment required obviously.