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We provide any brokers, traders, and agents with a custom software so they can develop their business in any available market. Our team has designed and implemented many different solutions that solved our customers’ most critical business needs. Companies such as Thales, SNCF, Carrefour, OTC commodities brokers already trusted our experience and skills to develop their own market places or CTRM / ERP.

Digital Brokerage


Dedicated to Physical Commodities Brokerage, our marketplace is the perfect tool for any brokerage house eager to expend its presence, market shares and volume. Currently used on the world intertrade sugar market and Brazilian intertrade soybeans market, "Core-In" can be customized to any products to fit your needs, but moreover, the needs of your clients.

Whether you are a commodity trader, a broker, a purchaser, or a supplier, let us know what your goal is, and we will be happy to analyse and seek a solution to any of your problematics and goals.

Our methodology is based on our mutual experience of both cash commodities trading & broking and development of digital platforms. We will need to learn from you how your market works, what are the usual complications you, your partners, and customers face. We will then proceed on how we can help you solve them and develop your personal system.

As every commodity has a different way to be traded, we realized that Traders were facing rigidness in their generic software’s and were losing a lot of time, efficiency, and money in it. We, at The Deepcore, developed different solutions for different commodities. We managed to apply our platform at two commodities already, sugar and grains, despite those two very different markets.

A lot of traders often complain about their internal trading management system (also called ERP or CTRM). During years, we have gathered all their feedbacks from their generic systems (sold by software editors or done in house with excel….) and decided to create The Deepcore Digital Solutions to disrupt the existing offers.

We design intelligent tools for tomorrow’s traders. A central and bespoke secured environment where Trading Houses can perform their daily tasks and transactions accurately and efficiently.

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