Our Trading And Brokerage Solutions

Our Digital Solutions

We provide any brokers, traders or agents with a custom software so they can develop their business i n any available market. Our team has designed and implemented many different solutions that solved our customers’ most critical business needs. Companies such as Dassault, SNCF, Carrefour, OTC commodities brokers already trusted our experience and skills to develop their own market/trading places.
Our "Core-In" platform our finest achievement

Whether you are a commodities trader, broker, purchaser or supplier, let us know what your market needs are and we will be happy to guide you through your digitation.

Our methodology is based on our mutual experience of both cash commodities trading and experienced platforms solution development. We will need to learn from you how your market works, what are the typical frictions you, your partners and customers regularly face and how we can solve and improve them.


Sugar physical brokerage in the world market
Commodities trading platform development
Quantitative Research