Team Physical Brokers
Partners and Advisors
Arnaud Lorioz, Founder and CEO
Arnaud LoriozFounder and CEO

Arnaud started his career as an FX & interest rates trader in the banking sector. He joined the sugar industry at the end of 2013 and took over an intertrade brokerage desk in the Brazilian, European, Indian, and Thai sugar markets. After a few years in the industry, he realized that sugar and many other commodities markets were extremely late in digitisation compared to other financial products and B2B business. The idea to create The Deepcore began in 2017 when he realized the growing demand for better and more efficient brokerage in the commodities sector and the number of problems traders were facing with their current solutions.

Arnaud has a keen interest in new technology, digital platforms, big data, and quantitative analysis. He often meets and talks with brokers or traders of other commodities to see how the « Core-In » platform and our AI research solutions can diversify their offering and create value in the process.

Dorian Lupu, CTO
Dorian LupuCTO

Dorian is a software engineer and an entrepreneur. He is passionate about helping companies by creating tailored web and mobile applications that streamline business processes. Thanks to his hard work and focus on optimization, Dorian helped groups such as SNCF-RESEAU, THALES, or ACCOR by creating personalized, tailor-made solutions focusing on improving their efficiency. These digital solutions helped those groups save money by being more efficient in their optimization.

He gained project and team management skills by exposure to different roles like Team Lead, Engineering Lead, or Technical Project Manager. Still, he always remained close to the technical aspects of his work.

Vicente Levy, Soybeans Broker
Vicente LevySoybeans Broker

Vicente started his career in the organic honey sector, in 2009 after graduating an Agronomy degree he moved to the grains & fiber production in multinational companies. There, he has developed a strong knowledge in Brazilian commercial/logistic management from farm to port in soybeans, corn, and cotton. In 2016, he decided to explore further the FOB/CNF trading markets for grains & oilseeds. He joined an Asia headquarters trading with a Brazilian start-up structure where he developed and managed the entire trading books for soybeans and corn, achieving strong results and putting the trading house “into the market”.

2020 was a year for changes, and Vicente looked to potentialize the use of his strong agribusiness knowledge and relationship. He joined The Deepcore to open the soybeans broker division based in Brazil. This was natural transition for him. He is now looking to bring value and a customised brokerage solution for the FOB & CNF market players, consolidating his own trading knowledge with The Deepcore’s structure and expertise. Vicente has a keen interest in creating value in commodities physical market thanks to the synergy of technology, fundamentals, and the futures.

Ankit Kain, Sugar Broker
Ankit KainSugar Broker

Ankit is a versatile professional who has acquired significant experience in a wide array of corporate avenues like project management, business development and sales. He has a background in Engineering and a keen interest in commodities. Trading brought him to France, where he graduated with a master’s degree from the ESCP Business School, London & Paris. Brimming with confidence and raring to break new grounds he started his voyage in commodities with an internship as a Broker in Biofuels & Feedstocks with Greenea. In this internship, he helped in the organization of the biofuels market research, sourcing and managing raw materials from waste streams with the purpose of increasing sustainable feedstock options for biofuels producers. This paved the way for him with The Deepcore for another internship before embarking full time with The Deepcore.

David Oks, Digital & Platform Expert
David OksDigital & Platform Expert

David is Managing one of the most successful digital solution company in Paris dedicated to retail and health business. He started his successful career in Digital 20 years ago when he founded Media gong, a full service digital agency delivering cutting edge solutions to companies like LOREAL, LVMH, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, ACCOR, CREDIT AGRICOLE… After having sold it to Publicis Group, David kept working hardly in the same field of business with a constant thrive to increase efficiency, scalability and sales for his customers. Over the last few years, David became an expert and regular speaker at conferences about Market places & platform solutions. From end to end, David is a digital set up & run B to B / B to C platform & ecosystem specialist through a wide field of markets including finance, retail, travel, advertising and legal In addition to that, Artificial Intelligence has been a growing subject in more and more B2B projects for him and his additional skills on that matter will be another plus for the development of The Deepcore and its clients.

Jules Domenichini, Investment Banker
Jules DomenichiniInvestment Banker

Jules has two decades experience in corporate advisory and investment management. He worked namely at Arthur Andersen (later EY) in Geneva and BDO London where he advised Private Equity investors on european transactions and special situations. Jules has been following closely all of Arnaud Lorioz’s projects over the last ten years and has always been there with precious advices and help when needed. Jules is the Managing Partner of Brightwater, a Private Equity Investment and Advisory firm dedicated to special situations. Jules’s experience in the financial environment is much appreciated to guide The Deepcore through its growth.